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connect perception to potential

Taglines & how to connect perception to potential

Your tagline summarizes everything about your business or brand, by telling your audience why you best meet their needs.

Your tagline doesn’t have to be verbose, explanatory, or even direct. Indirect taglines can be powerful—like the classic “Just Do It,” which essentially says “Our products will motivate you.” However, direct taglines are exactly what some businesses need. The most important thing is your message.

So, what’s the best approach?

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keep your draft reviews on track

Draft reviews & how to stay on track

When you send a draft out for review, everyone wants the review to go well. But things can go off the rails after that.

A successful review process begins with getting all sides to see the same goal. Then, it uses communication that is unifying and respectful to set the stage for consensus.

Here are three ways to keep everyone on track to “yes:”

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get fresh answers in your interviews

Executive interviews & how to get fresh answers

Strong writing has to start with a strong message.

Often, your leaders and experts provide the message. You can interview them to uncover fresh perspectives that make the message more vibrant.To help the message stand you, you can interview them to uncover striking facets that help the message shine through.

Interviewing is a learned skill, from crafting insightful questions to fostering real dialog. Here are three ways to get answers that are fresh and engaging:

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when an audience connects, your plot can take them anywhere

Stories & the shape of a plot

Why are some stories universal?

The characters and experiences in stories can form metaphors that extend outward like a network where almost everyone finds a point of connection. Once people connect, the story can take them along on a journey that follows the plot.

When you want to tell a story of any sort, the characters, conflict, and theme should all feed into the plot. In an interview with The Paris Review, Kurt Vonnegut said “I guarantee you that no modern story scheme, even plotlessness, will give a reader genuine satisfaction, unless one of those old-fashioned plots is smuggled in somewhere.”

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Is brevity too big a topic for a blog post?

I could just say “brevity is best.” But I’ll add a little support for that statement.

Brevity isn’t dull—it’s concise. It’s the maximum impact from the minimum text. It aids reader engagement, understanding, retention, and more. But it’s hard to be brief, so here are three tips to tighten your text:

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