Is brevity too big a topic for a blog post?

I could just say “brevity is best.” But I’ll add a little support for that statement.

Brevity isn’t dull—it’s concise. It’s the maximum impact from the minimum text. It aids reader engagement, understanding, retention, and more. But it’s hard to be brief, so here are three tips to tighten your text:

1. Say it once

Hunt down redundancy and squash it. Consolidate what you’re saying about each topic and pare down the text until the reader is laser-focused on the substantial statements that remain.

2. Say it well

Select your words like precious gems, rather than using standard terms watered down with qualifiers. Write for someone who constantly needs to be pulled back into the text.

3. Say it in order

Arrange your topics in a logical flow so that you don’t have to revisit what you’ve said. Use headings and structure to create a path for skimming and reference.

And I’ll leave it at that.