get fresh answers in your interviews

Executive interviews & how to get fresh answers

Strong writing has to start with a strong message.

Often, your leaders and experts provide the message. You can interview them to uncover fresh perspectives that make the message more vibrant.To help the message stand you, you can interview them to uncover striking facets that help the message shine through.

Interviewing is a learned skill, from crafting insightful questions to fostering real dialog. Here are three ways to get answers that are fresh and engaging:

1. Have the details

Use emails and research to gather details before the interview begins. Establish a foundational knowledge that respects your subject and frees you to spend the interview asking about their insights and reflections.

2. Find the passion

If you ask “What are the common problems addressed by this product?” your subject’s inclined to say, “The common problems addressed by this product are…” and that’s a dull quote. Instead, ask “What is the most pressing pain point that we’ve relieved?” Think of where there’s emotion—like tension and relief—behind this topic.

3. Ask for the stories

Don’t ask for all of the challenges, all the benefits, all the reasons. Ask for the toughest, the biggest, the most impressive—and get the stories that led to success. Rather than getting a laundry list, get unforgettable statements and relatable anecdotes. You should get the lists outside of the interview.


As you speak with your subject, build a trust that can help carry you through the approval process—which gets to the subject of reviews